What can we do NOW for the children left behind be society?

The answer lies within each of us.
Message From The President


  • November 01, 2020
Monthly “Chichi” Interview

The December issue (November 1, 2020) of monthly periodicle “Chichi” (致知) features an interview with Seri’s Gift Association director […]

  • October 01, 2020
Oral Briefing & Gathering

We decided to hold this as a physical event. While it’s possible to share information through the web, it’s much harder to convey emotions directly. The Seri’s Gift […]

  • September 04,2020
Online Debriefing Session

After holding a debriefing session online, we are excited to implement the valuable ideas we received from meeting participants in our future activities. […]

This organization was due to the existence of the novel Seri’s Gift.

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