“What will happen to my child if I’m called into heaven?”

The parent of a child with disabilities once asked me.

Ever since that day, I have been thinking. I continued to work day after day without coming to a satisfying conclusion.
If it were me who had a child with disabilities ―if I had been tasked with the difficult situation of providing the best care I could―, what would I want from society?

Greeting the book “Seri’s Gift”

It was then that I was greeted with a single book, Seri’s Gift.

When I was requested to translate the novel into English, I felt myself resonate deeply with its message, and I had found a new mission.

Founding of "Seri’s Gift Association"

The first step came with the founding of Seri’s Gift Association.

I understood that finding the answer to this social issue would be tougher than any other challenge I could think of, but I couldn’t stand idly by and do nothing.

To the next generation

I believe that should my attempts be passed on to the next generation, there may one day be something good to come of them; and so each day I have no choice but to move forward one step at a time holding tight to my convictions.

Our activities will not take place in Japan alone, but will advance with U.S. as well as global cooperation.

I ask humbly for your support.


Yuichiro Morinaga (President),
January 2020