“What will happen to my child if I’m called into heaven?”

Stemming from my own personality that I was born with, as well as the countless times a friend or acquaintance has asked me this very question, I have found myself always wondering what I could do for society.

I have also been asked this by parents of children with disabilities. I considered what it would be like if my child had been born with a disability, and what I would want from society should I fall into hard times while acting as their caretaker.

I cannot turn a blind eye when people who truly need support are left by the wayside.

For years, I dreamed of creating an organization that could tie together my aspirations to change the world, but day after day passed without being able to concretely weave together my feelings of dissatisfaction.

Greeting the book “Seri’s Gift”

It was then that I was greeted with a single book, Seri’s Gift.

When I was requested to translate the novel into English, I felt myself resonate deeply with its message, and I had found a new mission.

Founding of "Seri’s Gift Association"

The first step came with the founding of Seri’s Gift Association.

I understood that finding the answer to this social issue would be tougher than any other challenge I could think of.

However, I could not stand idly by and do nothing.

When we hear from people who are in vulnerable or in need of support, those who do not readily appear in the limelight, we do everything we can to connect them with people and institutions who can lead them to a resolution. Our mission to act as a kind of “accelerator” is the starting point for all our activities.

To the next generation

I believe that should my attempts be passed on to the next generation, there may one day be something good to come of them; and so each day I have no choice but to move forward one step at a time holding tight to my convictions.

Our activities will not take place in Japan alone, but will advance with U.S. as well as global cooperation.

I ask humbly for your support.


Yuichiro Morinaga (President),
January 2020