Founding Overview

This organization was due to the existence of the novel Seri’s Gift.

The novel, written from the incredible experiences of New York-based author Mika Kuramoto’s chronicled in her extensive diary, was released in 2012 in tanko (standalone) format by Sankei Shimbun Publishing to great effect.

It has since been featured numerous times on TV and in magazines and garnered much attention. In 2017, it was rereleased in bunko (mass-market paperback) by Shogakukan Bunko, becoming a bestseller with a total of over 100,000 copies sold.

The book tells the tale of her daughter who was born with multiple disabilities in a foreign land, and contrasts moments of despair with Kuramoto’s growth for the sake of her daughter. The story carries a strong message that resonates across age and gender.

Kuramoto hopes to bring light to readers by telling her experiences to future generations as accurately as possible, and this hope appears throughout the book in many forms. In order to spread the book’s message to as many people as possible, our first priority must be to manage the messages, nuance, and intent of all derivative usages (media, stage productions, SNS, etc.). In addition to the main mission, we also aim to support people with disabilities and their families with cooperation from overseas and to realize the expansion of infrastructure relating to universal design and other minority issues in countries across the globe.

Our Goals

1: 1. To connect and cooperate concretely with Japanese and U.S. educational institutions, and to develop human resources who can navigate the language barrier between Japan and the U.S. and build a system that links the two countries.

2: 2. To pass the baton to the next generation by completing the establishment of an organization that can protect and support people with disabilities, children placed into vulnerable environments, and other people in need by working in conjunction with EU, Asia, and finally the entire world with the Japan-U.S. team at its center.


・ In order to provide support in cooperation with Japan and the U.S., information on schools and educational institutions for people with disabilities in the U.S. will be regularly shared with the Japanese government and educational institutions for people with disabilities. Conferences, seminars, and other events will also be held in Japan and the U.S.

・ In order for the message to reach as many people as possible, we will plan and operate stage productions and other works in connection with the original novel and hold performances domestically and abroad.

・ Expanding beyond the original theme, we will propose and implement various activities to create a society that accepts people with disabilities, patients with incurable diseases, and children who have difficulty adapting to society.